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Amirah Raudhah Razali

Amirah (b.1995) majors in printmaking and is challenging her etching skills to create multi-colour schemes. Her exploration in copper plate etching dwells into the intensity and subtlety of the inks which are reflected onto her prints. Her goal in art-making is to express the conscious and subconscious through a positive channel.

She was involved in shows You Don't Need a 100 Editions at ICA Singapore, and FEED TO LAST in Grafis Minggiran Studio, Yogyakarta Indonesia, showcasing her floral series that deals with grief and mourning. Amirah is one of the recipients of the NAC Community Art Mentorship Programme Award 2018. She has participated in group shows such as APAD Kontemporari 2017 which featured her in Berita Harian and Berita Minggu newspapers.

IG: amirahrau